chengis javeri


Thank you for visiting my site! My name is Chengis Javeri, and I'm an actor.

I WILL SAY YOUR WORDS FOR MONEY... at 83% accuracy, but with 87% believability.

I couldn't help but follow my famous Mum's lead and get in front of the camera at a very early age. Her name was Rakhshanda (Khattak) Javeri; she was an actress and model. You can read more about this inspiring woman here, or head to the gallery to see some photos.


I was born into a family of artists and models in Pakistan. I began to follow in my mum's footsteps at age 5, but was all done with the fast cars and fast women by age 9. My father (Husain), a jeweller with close ties to the Bhutto government, emigrated the family to Canada when the political landscape changed in Pakistan. I like to act out (sometimes in front of a camera, sometimes in a grocery store). After working in the family business for many years, I have returned to the world of acting. I am hoping that being a giant movie star will help me find new friends that I can then ignore.

You can download my resume/CV here, and check out my demo reel below!